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What Can You Do?


Ten How's
What Can You Do?


What can you accomplish when you can study on your own, with a mentor, or with a few equally determined friends?  When a wrong answer is just a reason to try again, when the goal is learning and not a grade?  What can you accomplish?

Mathematics from Basic Math to Pre-Algebra in 25 hours.

Grammar from the parts of speech through the Elements of Style in 40 hours.

Reading from phonetics to a sixth grade reading level in 65 hours.

(Total number of class hours over 5 months for an average student.)

What can you learn when you really want to learn?  When you're free from coercion and artificial constraints?  When you decide what to study, when to study, and how to study it?  What can you learn?


These are actual classes and independent study topics pursued by students of The New School:

Physics Poetic Composition Japanese
Linguistics Genetics Animal Husbandry
Hieroglyphics Civil War Arithmetic
Latin Figure Drawing Ancient Egypt
Middle Ages Spanish Volcanoes
German Criminal Justice Grammar
Composition Feudal Japan Poetry
Algebra WWII Sculpting
SAT Prep Trigonometry Origami
Ancient Greek Chemistry French
Renaissance Comparative Anatomy Law
American History Geography Civil Rights
Abnormal Psychology Permaculture Sewing
Midwifery Solar Energy Oil Painting
Geometry Junior Achievement Carpentry
Environmental Ecology Africa HTML Design
Library Science Russian Computer Programming
Politics Gardening Corporate Structures
Human Cognition Music Asian Cultures
Drama Mock Trial Comparative Religions
A Capella Ensemble Mythology Reading
Biology Climatology Literary Critique
Architectural Design Native American Culture Gender Differences
Weather Zoology Heredity
SCUBA Diving Electromagnetism Welding
Aquaculture Synergetics Glass Blowing
Copyright Law Euclidian Proof Composition
Cookery Network Management Pixel Art
Gardening Photo Reading Speed Reading

What can you achieve when you're in charge?  When you feel respected and trusted?  When the only way things get done is to do them yourself?  What can you achieve?

High self-esteem, self-motivation, personal responsibility, and the skills of governance.

1997 - November, 2016 The New School.
Last revised 29 November 2016

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1996 - November, 2016 The New School.
Last revised 29 November 2016.