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The Diploma


Melanie Jago Hiner

a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Delaware and former traditional high school mathematics, English, and philosophy teacher is the founder of The New School. She also engages in studies of Architectural Theory and Design, German, earth and biological sciences, and physical and cultural geography.

Joseph P. Roach

a former traditional high school mathematics and physics teacher, is an excellent musician, calligrapher, pursuer of higher mathematics and histories, and a student of Gaelic.

John R. Hiner Jr.

Juris Doctor, is a writer, who engages in dialectic, historical and critical analysis, political and economic theory, and Ancient Greek.

Melanie, Joe, and John are classically trained liberal artists having studied the original, seminal works of Western philosophy, science, history, mathematics, and literature in "The Great Books" program of St. John's College.

John Detwiler

a 2004 graduate of Miami University in Ohio with a major in Music Education and a minor Music Composition who also engages in Latin studies and is the manager of our sister organizationís farm.

Thera Ailanthus

is a part-time staff member specializing in Agriculture.

Autumn Philpot

is a part-time staff member working on her degree in Early Childhood Education.

Tyler Hetherston

a part-time staff member is an artist who also designs and manufactures renaissance and vintage style clothing for an international clientele.

Consultants and guest instructors

offer presentations and instruction throughout the year, as arranged by students in connection with their curriculum design.

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