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School Meeting
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The School Meeting is composed of the staff and students of the school. It is responsible for running the school. The New School is a democratic entity. Every member of the community, staff and student alike, has one vote in the School Meeting, the meeting at which all financial and legislative decisions are made.

The Meetings, held weekly, follow a modified version of Roberts' Rules of Order. Such rigor keeps discussions focused on the agenda, emphasizes the seriousness of the groups' considerations, and insures that all are heard. Proposals duly submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary, are placed on the agenda for discussion and voting. School laws are adopted or repealed, corporations are formed, field trips arranged, activities’funding determined, judicial reports attended to and serious infractions investigated and addressed with due process. Because they are responsible for the continued existence of the school, the children take these responsibilities very seriously. Each child has as much voice in these discussions as any adult. The children are as thoughtful in their opinions and as conscientious as any adult.

Elections are held for the various offices of the school. Yearly elections are held for the staff positions for the following year. Many administrative positions at the school, either elected or voluntary, are held by students. School Meeting Chair, Recording Secretary, Judicial Clerk, Attendance Clerk, Parlimentarian, and Computer Archon are administrative posts filled by students. 

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