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While there are several committees responsible for the smooth running of the school, the Judicial Committee deserves special mention. The Judicial Committee helps the children become adept at managing their own affairs with dignity and compassion.

The New School is governed by a body of laws proposed by School Meeting members, enacted by the School Meeting, and promulgated in the School Meeting LawBook. Transgressions of these laws are dealt with by the Judicial Committee or "JC", a six member committee composed of five students and

one staff member. Two of these students are Judicial Clerks elected by their peers. The Judicial Clerk is responsible for presiding at hearings, maintaining the judicial record, posting hearing results, reporting to the weekly School Meeting, and supervising the serving of sentences, probations, or suspensions. Every member of The New School is required to serve on the Judicial Committee at least once during a school year.

Should a member of the school community feel they have been wronged by another under the laws of The New School, they may file a written complaint with the Judicial Committee. The Judicial Committee hears plaintiffs, examines witnesses, listens to defenses, renders judgment, and sets penalties if appropriate. The JC's decisions may be appealed in writing to the School Meeting which acts as Supreme Court and whose decisions are final.  

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