The new School
Newark, Delaware, USA
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Welcome to The New School
The New School is a strange and wonderful place. Here learning is not classes, or homework, or tests.
Learning is raising questions; finding ways to get answers;  and getting them.  
Learning is trying out new skills and honing old ones.  
Learning is about becoming attentive, self-aware, self-directed, articulate, and effective.
Learning is becoming a responsible adult. 

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Melanie J. Hiner
Founder of The New School

Education is each child's personal achievement.  
Adventure, challenge, triumph, defeat, work, play, risk, struggle, and insight flower into the adult a child becomes.
At The New School each child is both gardener and blossom.

Our Philosophy
The New School has a child-centered philosophy based on the beliefs that every person desires to learn, and that to become a responsible adult, children must have the liberty to practice being responsible.
Our History
Looking back, I realize that even for an unorthodox school we had very unusual beginnings. . .
Our Methods
The New School is dedicated to helping each child develop, in the ways that are best for him, the skills of rigorous thought, articulate expression, and a joyful engagement in life. 
You are invited to come and spend some time with us
Students are welcome to visit for a day.  Parents and families are encouraged to make an appointment to see the campus, and discuss admissions and any questions.  
Contact us for an appointment.
Students considering applying to The New School are invited to spend a day with us. Come and meet the students and staff.  Discover how invigorating learning can be!  We can talk over what we have to offer and where you hope to go later in life. We want to help get you there. 
For more information, call us at
or Contact us.
The New School is privately funded.
Children from Delaware and surrounding states attend. The New School provides individualized experience, with instruction at the child's pace of learning. Tuition costs include study materials and interaction with the farm and farm animals.
First Child  
Second Child  
(20% discount)  
Third Child  
(40% discount)  
Payment Plans
In special circumstances, installment plans are available:
10-month payment plan
12-month payment plan
Monthly payments are expected at the beginning of each month. Check school calendar for dates. 
Work Study Programs 
Some of our students work for the school in order to pay their own tuition. This assists in the idea that we are raising young responsible adults. Please contact us for more information about this option. 
Want to know more or schedule a visit?
Drop us a note or give us a call.


The New School
1752 Dixie Line Road
Newark, Delaware, 19702