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The Diploma


The Diploma


Diploma Requirements

The requirements for achieving a diploma from The New School are very different from the graduation requirements of most traditional schools. In order to receive a dipoma, the diploma candidate must write a thesis on a topic of their choosing, discuss their work at school and the paper with a review committee made up of volunteer peers and parents, and make an oral and public defense of the thesis, “I am ready to assume full responsibility for myself in the community at large.” Only after the school community of fellow students, teachers, and parents is satisfied through the public and oral defense of this thesis is a diploma granted.

To date, 30 students have received diplomas from The New School. Of these diplomates, 26 have pursued further education; two of those who did not are self-educated and self-employed, and, in all, 12 have founded and / or run their own businesses.

The New School and College

While every student of The New School who has sought college admission has attended their first choice school, no high school diploma is a guarantee of college attendance or acceptance. Not every rewarding profession or pursuit requires a college degree. Some of our wonderful diplomates decide to put off college in favor of travel or to pursue trades that allow them to practice their talents in carpentry, art, or salesmanship. Everyone is valued for their talents and integrity, regardless of their educational choices.

For those students of The New School who do pursue a college education, it is a conscious choice. Having practiced personal responsibility and self-direction from their first days in The New School, their freshman college year is never lost as it may be for those who must suddenly learn what it means to be independent. New School graduates’ freshmen experiences are as fruitful as those of their senior year.

Every college has different requirements. Some of our students study for and take the SAT’s. A few, because of strongly held convictions regarding testing, bypass traditional requirements and enter college through continuing education programs or attend colleges that do not require the SAT’s. Many of our students prepare portfolios to demonstrate their ability to do college level work and to showcase their unique capabilities and experiences while at The New School. Students of The New School make themselves the kind of person the university of their choice desires. All have attended their first choice school.

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