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20 Years


Colleges and Universities
to Which Students of The New School
Have Been Accepted


Goddard College
Babson College Imaculata College
Bennington Art School Penn Foster
Burlington College (2) Prescott College (2)
Cecil Community College St. Johnís College (Annapolis) (4)
Culinary Institute of America University of Delaware (5)
Delaware Technical College University of Pennsylvania (2)
Evergreen College (2) Villa Nova Law School
Florida Institute of Technology Wilmington University
Franciscan University (2)  

Studies or Careers Pursued

Foreign Languages (German, Italien, Japanese) Ethnobotony
Sociology LiberalArts
Linguistics Law
Early Childhood Development Biology
Education Interior Design
Psychology Computer Programming
Hair Design Economics
Website Design Theology
Agriculture Physical Therapy
Business Clothing Design
Sports Management Horsemanship
Accounting Culinary Arts

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