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Earth & Saturn

Size comparison among Earth, Saturn, and Saturn's rings.

Earth is a big place.  Compared to an afternoon walk -- it sure is.  But compared to some other places, it seems pretty small. 

6th PLANET from the sun, at a mean distance of 886.7 million mi. (1.4270 billion km). It has an equatorial diameter of 74,980 mi. (120,660 km) and an atmosphere of hydrogen, helium, and traces of methane and ammonia. Saturn's most remarkable feature is its ring system, composed of billions of water-ice particles orbiting around the planet. The main rings are at distances ranging from 4,140 to 49,880 mi. (6,670 to 80,270 km) above the cloud tops, and two other tenuous rings orbit much more distantly.

fifth largest planet of the Solar System and the only one known to support life. Its mean distance from the SUN is c.93 million mi. (150 million km). Gravitational forces have molded the earth into a spherical shape that bulges slightly at the equator (equatorial diameter: c.7,926 mi./12,760 km; polar diameter: 7,900 mi./12,720 km).

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